Search Terms

On July 6th, 2012, posted in: News by Comments Off on Search Terms

One thing that most people misunderstand with seo is the whole search term subject.  People search in different ways and use different phrases when looking for answers or solutions online.  For examples sake – two people are looking for cake decorations.  Person one searches ‘cake decorations’…person two searches ‘cheap cake decorations manchester’…Now..both people are looking for the same product..but they have searched in different ways.

This example is true of every search that occurs in Google (and other search engines) – it is also true of how you set your site up in terms of keywords, titles, text and other content.  The way that you search or think others should search for your site – IS NOT the way that they will.

You must research and consider the various options and phrases that people use, you need to consider the competition of those phrases (ie how many other sites rank for them) and you also need to understand how often those phrases are searched for.

A good place to start is with Google’s free keyword checker .  Use this tool to establish the best phrases to use in your site content to help with your seo.