Link Building

On June 22nd, 2012, posted in: News by Comments Off on Link Building
  1. The perfect link is both high-authority (in other words, many people link to that site) and highly relevant to your industry/audience.
  2. That said, a natural link graph will include links across the spectrum.
  3. Make good use of internal linking – linking to other, related pages on your site within your content.
  4. Optimize anchor text for internal links – for example, hyperlink the words “SEO guide,” not “click here.” Use absolute links, not relative links – that way if your content gets “scraped,” the links back to your site are preserved.
  5. Ask employees to link to your site from their own blogs, websites, or social media profiles.
  6. Generally, links in the body text of a page are more valuable than footer or sidebar links.
  7. Use Google Alerts to keep track of mentions of your company and products.
  8. If someone cites your company or one of your products without a link, write and ask them to add one.
  9. Offer to write guest posts for related blogs in your space, especially those with strong followings and high-value domains.
  10. Include deep links in your guest posts – that is, links to more specific pages, not just your home page.
  11. Send guest posts with links already coded in, with your preferred anchor text. Editors won’t necessarily code in a way that’s optimal for you.
  12. Offer to write a testimonial for a product you love, and ask for a link in return.