Google – the facts..

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It is now the number one way that people find your business. If you do not have a website that ranks well on Google then you are losing money. Big time.

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Google is the number one search engine in the UK

It is widely accepted that UK web users just don’t use any other search engine.  Google is by far the market leader in UK web search engines and it’s popularity just keeps on increasing.  If your site is not working well in Google then you are losing out to your competitors.



80% of people visit a website before visiting a store

Have you ever driven past a store you thought was pretty cool but gone home and looked up their website before visiting the store? I do it all the time. Your business must have a well designed website in order to cover all of those people who look at the website before making contact or visiting you.


A good website can create loyalty

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Does your website create repeat business for you?  A well crafted site can help your sales by developing loyalty in your customers. It might be a mailing list or a blog or even a Twitter account, all of these things are ways to send out specials and incentives for people to come back into your store. And its a heck of a lot cheaper than other forms of print advertising.


Shot Media can help your business to make more money by ensuring that your website meets the needs of Google – that it works properly and tickles Google’s fancy.

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